Who Broke Top Models?

It’s the last mission when you click the “Missions” tab.(top-right)

Go to Top Models, Downtown and talk to Officer Russel.

Say you’ll help and stuff and go inside Top Models.

Click the Rock near the Desk.

Go back and speak to Officer Russel.

It’s like that rock MAGICALLY appeared… Go to Wizard’s Domain and click the suspicious Wizard-lady.

You’ll need a blue mushroom, a yellow flower, and a pink coconut.

The blue mushroom is in the Creature Arena.(On the side of the Creature Shop)

The yellow flower is at the Carnival.(Right in front of Putt Putt Revolution)

The pink coconut is at the Beach. (To the left of the Fish Fish sign)

Now go back to the Wizard Lady and talk to her.

Go to the Grotto. Click the Gnome. He’ll prob. escape. Go back to the Wizard Lady and offer her Punch and Pie.

Specifically PUMPKIN Pie. Now you have to go to the Star Cafe and click the Pie on the counter.

The Punch is at the Beach where the lazy guy is.

Now go back to the Wizard Lady and talk. Plan on trapping him with a net.

Go to the Creature Arena and enter the Shop. Click the net.

Go back to the Wizard Lady, talk to her, and go to the Forest.

Ahahaha you were too slow! Talk to her and talk about short-term memory loss…

Ok now go back to Officer Russel and tell him everything’s all under control.

You’ll be able to see that Medal in your IDFone and you’ll gain a level. Now, if only all missions were like that.


59 thoughts on “Who Broke Top Models?

  1. hey bliss do u play fantage i wanna see u play on fantage so i can request as ur buddie! and i wanna see ur house and pets and furniture and id phone and more!!!!!!

    bliss~Yes, I still play Fantage. If you want to meet up with me your best chance is to see me on the chat box or randomly find me on Fantage. I’d be happy to add you(:

  2. bliss… what level r u on?and can u go on youtube plzzzzzzz bye ppl thnx for helping!!!!!! OwO OuO THNX ALOT FOR THE TIPS BLISS!!!

    bliss~I’m level 116 non-member. What do you mean go on YouTube?

  3. Wow…. Your so good guide 2 e thx and can u do one how to go to the model member plcc or what eves to go to that plcc with out ur not a member okie?

    bliss~It’s hard to do. You go towards the stairs and right before you get the message, go to your home. No one will be able to see you, though.

  4. Hey bliss,you rock. It’s like you know every small thing in fantage. please answer these questions Q1. what is your level in fantage? Q2. Are you a premium member? Q3. Do you come on fantage every day

    bliss~1. 133. 2. Nope. 3. I quit lol.

  5. Hey Bliss i would really really want to meet u is there any way to meet u on friday? on turquoise turtle and ill meet u there in the cafe

    Thanks hope i meet u! :)

  6. I already search the pink coconut… but, no pink coconut..
    I know where the pink coconut, but how to find it???

    bliss~Fantage might’ve updated the mission. D: Keep searching!

  7. Hi Bliss and Loutus! Is it possible if I have ur emails? I really want to email u a few times before I go back to Thailand. Also my email is crystalclear2522@hotmail[.]com btw theres no [] I don’t wanna make the spam thing :D Please email me too and I’ll answer straight away! Thanks! If I need u I’ll email u guys straight away!!!! Thanks ur blog is FARTING SENSATION!

    Farting regards,

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