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Anyone out there?

Well hi. It’s been a couple years since I last posted here and so much has happened in my life I couldn’t even begin to explain it all. I checked my stats and I still get tens of views every day? That’s bonkers. I haven’t logged into Fantage in a while but I was just checking back to see who would see this. What are y’all up to? Do you guys still go on this website for Fantage help? Or is everything already mega outdated lmao. Do you guys even remember me; I have over 1,000 e-mail subscribers I wonder if anyone will see this in their inbox. Well anywho some stuff I’ve been up to is going through junior/senior year of high school, going to rehearsals/being in shows, graduating, working, moving out, dear lordt a lot has happened. I just turned 19 last week!! I gave you guys social media to keep up with me but I ended up abandoning those accounts (sorry about that…) If you guys still care, here are my new social media profiles that are very frequently updated.

Twitter / Instagram / Tumblr / YouTube


P.S. If I were to make a YouTube would you guys subscribe?

Will anyone even see this? Guess I’ll find out.

P.P.S. If anyone is out there, what kind of content would you like to see? If at all? d:


But not really. Stay tuned, kids.

Yooo, I’ve been gone because Fantage just really isn’t my thing anymore. I started blogging again because I had the time and motivation again but this time I’m pretty sure it’s like completely gone.

Fantage either has non-stop, back-to-back events or goes weeks without an event. Right now it’s in the back-to-back phase and I just can’t keep up. I have other commitments (a life wow) and am not able to dedicate enough time to be able to keep up. So I’ve decided to quit. For good, most likely. School is coming up and if I can’t catch up during the summer when I have the most free time, I’m pretty sure trying to keep blogging about Fantage with homework, rehearsals, watching bad movies, and quite possibly getting a job just won’t work out. So yeah.

Now notice the title of this blog. Notice that it’s not a goodbye. I hope you all fare well and if you would like to see my non-Fantage side, you are more than welcome to check out my personal blogs/twitter/instagram/ It’s a part of me that I’d never shared with my Fantage life but you know what: yolo. So yeah if you want to see my name/age/face keep reading. Can’t believe it’s been five six years. (!!!)

I don’t know if I would be here today if it weren’t for this blog.

Thank you so much.

The past six years have been awesome with you guys.

I started blogging about a little virtual world called Dizzywood because I had seen other blogs and loved how bloggers would interact with their readers and how they were little celebrities. I greatly admired frosty1297, kka2297, olimar, and xxgawguzgirl. Becoming a “famous blogger” – having loyal readers, breaking 100k views, being recognized, was my #1 goal with this blog.  I aim high, I know. And let me tell you it wasn’t easy – it took months to get 300 views. My blog started out really slowly. I was an 11-year-old who didn’t know how to take a simple screenshot (I relied on dizzysnapshots) and edited my pictures on Paint then saved them as .jpegs. Silly little me lol. I am now a 16-year-old (I can drive!) who has learned a lot about virtual worlds (maybe too much…) and is very fluent in WordPress. It’s kind of crazy that I have over 800 e-mail subscribers. And 100+ Facebook likes???  529 Twitter followers??!!? You guys are awesome.

This blog won’t be going anywhere – I would like it to remain being useful. I find people comment on posts from two years ago thanking me for my help. Wow. I might just spruce up a few pages, too… This blog won’t be completely abandoned. I’ll still moderate the comments and check up on it every once in a while. While I would like to keep this blog “alive” in the sense that posts are constantly being published, I find that authors usually start off strong and then drop off. I completely understand this – authors tend to have their own blogs which they dedicate most of their attention to. So this blog will not be updating on Fantage anymore. It’s been fun, though. ((:

So yeah. If you have questions about what’s going on feel free to ask.

Here’s my personal stuff for if you want to keep up with me. Feel free to follow me. :] (I just ask that you keep in mind that these are personal accounts therefore anything Fantage-related won’t be posted.)

Click on the images to reach my pages.
 photo tweetsicon_zps2c28662c.png  photo Instagram_Icon_Small_zps3d6e0540.png tumblr button photo: Tumblr button tumblr_3.png

(This post had been drafted circa August, 2013. Below the line will be my January 2014 edit.)


I’m sorry I kind of just dropped off the face of the earth. I just stopped posting and faded away… oops. Well, I really appreciate all the followers this blog has gotten and the attention surpassed any expectations that my 11-year-old self had. I’m sixteen going on seventeen now?? I might be graduating this year??? Wow. So yeah if you guys want to keep up with my life just go to my social media sites. You’ll find out my name (my name isn’t bliss?? whoa crazy) and what I look like (believe it or not – I am not made of 8-bit pixels and have a human face like that is insane isn’t it). My Tumblr is my most updated website just fyi.

It was nice knowing all of you I hope some of you choose to keep up with me. ((: If not, have a nice life. And thanks. A lot.


Kawaii’s A Mermaid Event Help


Gathering Gems

Talk to Orion at Downtown or Uptown to get this activity started.


Where do sick ships go? Dock!

What has a port but no harbor? … Cruise Ship!

Self-Contained, Underwater, Breathing Apparatus Underwater at the Island! *You’ll need to wear the scuba suit to get this gem.

Always turning, never looks… Lighthouse [on top]




You can buy the underwater costumes at High Tide and underwater (first go to the Island, then click the tube – it’ll take you underwater) The seahorse costumes can also be bought simply Uptown/Downtown.


~bliss Post will be updated! Just wanted to get this information up first(:

Summer Camp-Out Ghost Tales Event Guide

The event has been released! Ok so here’s all you can do:

Ghost Hunt Cheats

cluenumberone  cluenumebrtwocluenumberthree

ghosthuntSo we’re gonna have to wait until night to be able to find the ghosts! Or maybe make it night?

Go to the lake and keep going to the right. All the way until you see the campsight. Click on the haunted tent to watch a movie and get your last prize!


Limited Items

In the meantime, you can stock up on limited ghost-y items!


Spooky Theme

OR, go model the new spooooky themes!


I wanted to try it out but I always get the Fantage bots and can never host a fashion show with more than 4 people ahhh.

Summer Camp Badges

Too bad these came out like a week after we’ve already done this… Time to redo everything.


~bliss Post will be updated! More to come(: Just wanted to get these clues out there before the other stuff lol.