Congratz winners!!

congrats to Fluffers149, goalie23, and Ducky1005 for winning the photo contest!!

Bake Sale Photo Contest Winners

by The Dizzywood Team on May 27, 2009

Thousands of explorers submitted photos into this year’s Bake Sale Photo Contest, and after much reviewing, three were chosen. Photo contest winners can now be seen featured on the Dizzywood Homepage for the whole world to see!

Fluffers149, Goalie23, and Ducky1005 took great photos that presented the spirit of a fun and charitable Bake Sale. Here’s a close up at our winning contest photos:




The entire Dizzywood Staff had an awesome time reviewing all of your successful Bake Sales and want to thank everyone who participated. We enjoyed it so much that we got encouraged to hold another photo contest. That’s right! This weekend all of your Contest Cameras will turn back on so you can take photos of your super rockin’ DW Bands and submit them into our second photo contest.

Congrats to our three Bake Sale Photo Contest Winners


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