Help Wanted

i’m gonna be gone for a while(or so i’m planning) so i need a new author(s) to temporarily work here, if u would like to work here, comment, i need the authors to update about dizzywood: new stuff, missions, etc.

so if u want to work here COMMENT


6 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. Fudgy, now tht i am a worker, what do i do???? and how do i upload things to ur blog???? Plz help!!!! i am soooo new!


    • as a worker, u have to post new missions, new stuff, explorer’s journals, etc.
      to post things:
      1.log in
      2.near the top, there is a gray bar, click the button that’s called “new post”
      3.make the post and publish it

      to enter pics and media:
      1. go to the post that u want to add the media to
      2.after u know where u want to put the media in, near the top, below the title, it says “upload/insert” , next to that there r little pics, hover over them until u see the button that u want to use, the one that matches the media u want to put in
      3.something will pop up, click browse, then find the media u want to put in, upload it
      4.another pop up, u can choose to put a caption in(if a pic) or u can “add to post”

      also, to make sure ur posting in my blog, check the permalink, it should be post here

      hope this helps!

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