i have enough workers now to post while i’m gone, i might be able to have one more, maybe. my new workers r: xxcastawayxx, diamondgirl1102, and possibly mati15(if she answers) and maybe one more person if u ask


p.s. now i have to put my name at the end since there r more workers and u might not know who posted this, unless u read the name, but to make it easier



11 thoughts on “Workers

  1. long time no see
    ok i miss you fudgy ive been gone here
    so ur asking that i have a wordpress account?
    hm,Why yes!i did it by myself,but when i search it……..i saw there was no mati wordpress anymore!don`t know why!help me with wordpress plz!ill make another wordpress!

    fudgy~did u publish ur site?

  2. meet me at prestos edge!!!at whirly!No people,delete 1 of ur buds 1 ok? 1 of em 1 not 2 k?if ur bud list is full,PLZZZZ!

    fudgy~can u give me a time? like an hour to be there?

  3. Hi fudgygirl!! I am greenday and i want to be an author on your blog please. If you comment on my blog i can add u to my authors. ok!! ♥♥

    thxx and kewl site

    fudgy~it’s fudgyswirl, and sure i’ll add u, ur the last author i can add…i can’t really work on anymore blogs cuz i can barely post much on my others, if i am one, i won’t post much

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