Color war teams

by The Dizzywood Team on June 19, 2009

Drumroll please…  ..  …

Color War Teams have been announced!

And we can now safely say that the teams that will go head to head this Summer are: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

Color War

Explorers in Dizzywood are facing their Color War destiny as they approach the Color War Cauldron to hear their team color. Shouts of excitement and Color War madness are bursting through Presto’s Edge as teams begin to form.

Do you know what Color War team you’re on?

If you haven’t already visited the Color War Cauldron in Presto’s Edge, you must do so now! If the cauldron deems you ready, you will be given your team uniform, along with your team flag. Awesome, right?

There’s more! Once you know what team you’re on, head over to your team’s clubhouse by clicking on the Color War sign next to the cauldron. You’ll travel to Farthing’s Meadow, the super cool hangout spot for this Summer’s Color War Teams!


Comment any thoughts!

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