Spirit Week

by The Dizzywood Team on June 19, 2009

This Summer’s Dizzywood Color War has just begun, and to get things rolling, we’re marking this week to be Color War Spirit Week!

We want to see how much spirit your Color War Team has! After you’ve visited the Color War Cauldron in Presto’s Edge to hear your team color, head on over to your clubhouse to meet your teammates. You’ll want to introduce yourself to everyone because these are your teammates that are going to count on you through all the Color War competitions in the coming weeks!

So get ready for some crazy fun events coming up, and get your game faces on! In the meantime, before the friendly competition begins, we’re holding another photo contest.

spirit contest

Color War Team Spirit Photo Contest:

To enter, make sure you have a Contest Camera. Don’t have one? That’s ok! Just head to Farthing’s Meadow and check the bulletin board.

Once you have the camera,  your challenge is to get as many of your Color War teammates into one photo. This is going to take a lot of work, but we want to see you reach out and meet your teammates. This is your team, so pump it up, pump that team spirit up!

To qualify for this contest you’ll need to have more than 10 of your Color War teammates in your photo. The more creative you get, and the more teammates you get in your photo, the better!

Photo contest deadline: Friday, June 26


Comment any thoughts!

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