Message in a Bottle? What?

Message in a Bottle? What?

by Cecil Sideshuffle on July 21, 2009

Message in a Bottle

Whoa! Check it out dudes and dudettes, I snapped this photo just before the waves started coming in. I popped the cork, and there was this handy lil’ message inside just waiting to be read. So I read it. And I giggled to see that it was from my bud, Admiral Hawksbill. I haven’t heard from that dude in like forever. It’s good to hear he’s still roaming the seas. He didn’t say that he was coming, but it kinda sounds like he knows that a magical sandbar is going to appear soon. I’ll keep my eyes on the sky too, because there’s no way I want to miss a party! Right? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, head over to Breakwater Beach and read the lil’ message for yourself.


Cecil Sideshuffle


fudgy~this is the explorer’s journal entry. for some reason my computer won’t load the dizzywood log in page( 😦 ) it loads every page except that one, so i have to wait until i get better internet, which is friday, to be able to log in to dizzywood. soooo…if there are any new explorer’s journal entries i’ll post them.

u can read the message for yourself in breakwater beach, but cecil already summarized it for u


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