Summer flowers

to do the mission, it says u need to find flowers for leis near a pond, a road, in some sand, and amongst flowers(wildwood glen, canal city road, breakwater beach, garden gazebo)

go to all the above places ^^^^^^^^^^

first flower

wildwood glen

second flower

canal city road( but don’t get the purple pollen on u!)

breakwater beach(i got rid of the pollen)

third flower

and garden gazebo

fourth flower

after that u get a flower sticker and three hundred coins


6 thoughts on “Summer flowers

  1. mind if I post the canal city poad part on my blog I looked everywhere I checked canal city but I couldn’t find it mind if I put it on my blog?

  2. thanks soo much but my computer is slow cuz the internet but thanks soo much! i usually dont do them by myself i use cheats on google!

    fudgy~u should do ur own, other people wouldn’t like u to be taking credit for their work. and thanks for what?

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