Un-named Post

i cannot get on dizzywood, what is going on? every time i try to log on, it says “dizzywood is not available right now”

*confused* fudgy


One thought on “Un-named Post

  1. 😐 me either
    it says”Not available”And”Cant Connect You to Dizzy wood”Its like number2# And Fantage is number3# and Dizzy wood has begun number 9# cause of the log-in signs,I don’t really obey that sign currently,Cause its so…. annoying
    To get that sign off the Not available sign to fade away
    Click report a problem below the Dizzy wood screen. And whats up with the name?Dizzy wood?,Like getting Dizzy on a wood,Ha-ha-ha Get it?Dizzy in a wood Ha-ha-ha,I guess you don’t get it,I should get back to the subject i was talking about in few hours ago 😐 Okay i was annoyed by Dizzy wood cause it won’t let me log-in so i waited till night,it was 12:00 And i was so sleepy,So i was so tired,I tried,But i was sleepy,I logged in again and i was like,What….?Okay Bye bye

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