Furniture Remodeling

Furniture Store Remodeling

by Brooke Lodgington on August 21, 2009

Oh, hello Dizzies!

I thought I’d pop my head in to tell you what I have been up to these days. Well, I’m jumping on the same bandwagon as Mr. Groomfur and remodeling my Furniture Emporium! Yes, yes I am. It’s taking a toll on my back though, having to carry all that heavy furniture but it’s worth it.

I want to give you a fabulous shopping experience, so look forward to my newly remodeled furniture store opening soon! In the meantime, please keep shopping my current Furniture Emporium located in Presto’s Edge:

Keep on decorating,

Brooke Lodgington

Brooke Lodgington


Comment any thoughts!

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