Dizzywood Dispatch

Dizzywood Dispatch

Get an extra 20% off a quarterly membership to Dizzywood until August 31st, plus receive a free NEW CRITTER!

Dizzywood Paintbrush Gecko
The new Paintbrush Gecko is the latest addition to the Dizzywood critter family. Collect this cuddly creature and other critters as a Gold Explorer in Dizzywood. As a Gold Explorer, you’ll get:

  • Special skills, like name styling and hair coloring
  • Secret missions every week
  • Multi-room mansions to throw parties with your friends
  • Exclusive clothing in Groomfur’s House of Fashion
  • A message device to chat with buddies
  • Cute pets to love and care for
  • And other cool stuff being added all the time!

CHARMS Blue Butterfly Charm
Have you discovered Charms in Dizzywood? Charms are super fun gifts that you can collect throughout Dizzywood to give to your friends so they can decorate their names. Gold Explorers can collect special Charms only available to members. Check out the Charms Calendar to see when new ones are released each week!


Dizzywood Fashion WeekIn September, Dizzywood will be hosting Fashion Week. This year’s theme is the Arabian Nights. There will be fabulous new clothes and contests, in addition to special new items for members only during this special week of style, fashion and fun!

All kinds of adventures await you in Dizzywood. So, don’t wait! Get your Gold Explorer membership now before the End of Summer Sale ends August 31st.

fudgy~i think the arabian thing will be really cool! i’m thinking about getting another membership….maybe maybe not…1st i need money soooo yeah, my parents don’t pay for my membership i have to and i already finished my gift card


2 thoughts on “Dizzywood Dispatch

  1. Hey!Its MaTi~15
    So here i am!Ive been gone on Dizzy wood,’Cuz I Played Pet Society on Facebook.com,You know,I can’t hardly breath into Pet Society,So im Inviting you to Pet Society πŸ™‚ But you need to have Facebook πŸ™‚ So Cha cha!
    P.S. That means Good-Bye

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