me mixpod!!

there’s another mixpod on the bottem right widget that starts first so u have to pause one of them or else the songs will collide!! yea, i’m a KSM fan πŸ™‚

Music Playlist at

3 thoughts on “me mixpod!!

    • 1.sign into your mixpod account
      2.make a playlist it
      4.after that you get an option to post your mixpod “other sites”(to the left) “more”(to the right) on wordpress
      8.right down your wordpress info
      9.(it’ll get published)
      10.sign into your wordpress account
      11.go to “posts” “edit” on the most recent post “HTML”(to the right of visual)
      14.copy all the html(the code that shows up)
      15.go to “widgets”
      16.add a “Text” widget
      17.paste the HTML into the widget the widget
      19. it should be published!

      hope this helps!

Comment any thoughts!

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