Watch out for the killer cacti(lol,i always say cactus’)

Southwest Furniture

Hello Dizzies!

Brookie here with some fantastic furniture news. Oh! Before I tell you how I got my hands on new furnishings, I want to ask, are you enjoying the remodel of my Furniture Emporium?

So, so, like I was saying. Eww is that a splinter in between my toes? Ouch, poor me. What was I saying?

Ah, I remember. Have you ever wanted to live out in the desert? Live out on a Dude Ranch with the sun beating down on you every minute of the day? Hmm, I might think about it if there was a swimming pool, and ice cream, and lots of shade. Well, that’s the inspiration behind the new furnishings that I’ve just got in. A very skilled artisan created these pieces and I just had to bring them in. I just know you’ll all find that inner cowboy in you once you buy my new Southwest Cactus Chair, Southwest Well Pump, and Southwest Snake Lamp.

Furniture Guru,

Brooke Lodgington

Brooke Lodgington

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