Sightings of Bram’s Haunted Manor!

Bram's Haunted ManorThe pictures don’t lie! We know you’ve seen it, and we’ve even heard you banging on the gates to get in. It’s true, Bram Dracovich’s Haunted Manor has appeared!

We did some investigating and can now share who Bram Dracovich really is, or WHAT he is. Bare with us though, we’ve never encountered such a mystery. It’s quite astonishing!

We searched the Dizzywood archives and found an old piece of parchment paper with the following information:

Bram Dracovich appears to be a vampire bat, a lord if you will, of Ravenloft Manor, a dark mysterious Gothic mansion built on a crumbling skyland. For many years the Manor was haunted by wicked spirits and malicious poltergeists that would […]. When Bram became lord he had a magic grandfather clock built for him. This clock is mysterious in its workings, but also holds much importance to keeping the haunting spirits away. As long as the clock keeps ticking, the ghosts will stay away. If the clock were to ever stop […]. Although many fear this creature of the night, he’s made it his wish to host a […].

This is all the information we could make out from the aged paper.


Comment any thoughts!

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