The Haunting of Ravenloft Manor

by Bram Dracovich on October 22, 2009

This is ridiculous I tell you! I have had these vicked spirits haunting my manor for vell over a few years now, and it is about time I turn for help.

I came here vanting to throw the most terrifyingly best Halloween costume party for you, but sadly I cannot. It looks like the vile Emperor Withering has assigned one of his henchmen to put a stop to my festivities. He goes by the name, Rat Wraith. Have you heard of, or seen such a creature before in your life? And I thought I vas hard to look at!

Vell, this Rat Wraith snuck through the gates and into the manor all just to leave my magical grandfather clock broken! I get riled up just thinking about it. The part I treasured most about my clock vere the custom carved roman numerals that marked the minutes that I vaited to hear from my dearest Gwendolynn. Now they are gone! And I have no vay of knowing vhere he’s gone to hide them. I can rebuild the clock, that is not the issue, but in order for my costume party to go off I must get my hands on the four missing numerals (III, VI, IX, and XII). I’ve got clues that I think might help, but it vill be up to you to make sense of them and find me those numerals!

Once you’ve helped me find the missing pieces, I’ll reward you vith a spooktacular Halloween mask that I hope to see you vear once I’m able to kick off my costume party!

Now vhat say you, ready to uncover the mystery? Keep an eye out out for the mission, Enter Ravenloft Manor. You’ll need to complete that in order to get the key that will unlock your way into my manor.

Signed me,

Bram Dracovich, Lord of Ravenloft Manor

*BECOME A GOLD EXPLORER to get inside Ravenloft Manor and uncover the mystery!


Comment any thoughts!

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