New Hats

the new hats are here including the: Ear Flap Hat, Ear Muffs, Old School Ski Hat, Ski Ball Hat and the Bow Tie Beanie.(i think the Cat Ears made a comeback, also.) these hats are as Groomfur would say “Fierce” lol


6 thoughts on “New Hats

  1. hey…… ummm are you gold explorer? and i recommended you to, like, heaps a peeps.
    i don’t expect to be praised, i don’t even care
    if you don’t talk about it, coz i’m not some
    retarded fan person, but i do need to know
    about the gold explorer thingy, it is actually
    very important.

  2. i am not a gold explorer i was once for like 3 months, but then it expired
    i got my hair to be different colours(wordpress is soo american that is “wrong” yeah right…) by having someone streak it with their Hair Coloring Skills it’s a power u can find out how to get it in my Cheats page

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