Moonpebble’s Charms Part 1

the animal(monkey charm)charm is in Sky Town

Moonpebble is in Breakwater Beach



7 thoughts on “Moonpebble’s Charms Part 1

  1. I seriously wonder how to take such clear pics!
    3 Pplz have told me to do the same thing and when I try it,it does NOT work 😦
    Herez what:
    1.Press print Screen to take a screen shot of what page u opened.
    2.Then go on paint and right click and press paste(That part does’nt work wit me)

    How to take screen shots(not using the dizzywood camera)
    1.go to the place u want to take a pic of(in a virtual world)
    2.hold down ctrl + print screen(on a comp) on a laptop: fn + prt sc
    3.your cursor(mouse) should blink once
    4.then go to “Paint” “Edit” “paste”
    7.the whole screen pic will show up
    8.crop it by clicking on the box, right under the word “Edit”
    9.drag your mouse, creating boxes outlining your pic, then click delete on your keyboard(until u have the pic u want)
    10.when u save(File + Save as…) name the pic AND where it says “Save type as…” make sure its JPEG
    11.when your in your wordpress post, just upload the pic as u would to a dizzysnapshot

    i hope that helps!

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