Hiya Peepz!

Hi!I am a new worker!

My username on DW iz cyboy!

Here iz a pic of me on DW to prove I am a GIRL! 😆

Heres Proof!

ANYhoo…Back to reality.

I am  10 years old,My b-day is on 25th Sept

I don’t like hearing swear words frm ppl…

I am SOO sick!Feel sorry for me :mrgreen:

I HAD a headache and  my stomach hurts.

Yesterday b4 skool my stomach hurted, in school it waz worse,after School it still hurted and even at night…

I woke up in the middle of the night and I kept crying[I was not controllin’ my crying]

and today it STILL hurts!

My fav song iz Meet Me Halfway by the Black Eyed Peas

My Fav Band iz Black Eyed Peas

My fav singer iz Taylor Swift

AND Last but not least…

My blog iz -> www.cyboy.wordpress.com

Please visit it and comment 😉 I need more hits,Comments and visitors :]


P.s also vizit my BFFL[On DW]’z blog and comment she needs more visitors…I am the only 1 who commentz soo yh!

Please comment on her Blog 😉



Comment any thoughts!

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