Get your Gecko

The Paintbrush Gecko PlushThe Paintbrush Gecko Plush

Hey Dizzies, we’ve got some really cool news to announce. Very soon, you’ll be able to get Dizzywood Critters as collectible plush toys. We’re very excited about these guys. They’re high-quality, colorful, and well, pretty cute! The first one we’ll be releasing is the popular Paintbrush Gecko. This guy will be a special collector’s edition and there will be a limited number available. Only 500 will be made and that’s it!

Once they go on sale, they’ll be sold first-come, first-serve. If you’d like to be notified once they are available, sign up below for an email alert.

Got an opinion on which critter should become a plush next? Let us know by leaving a comment!>on the Explorers Journal

Limited Edition! Get yours now!

P.S. WordPress users-now when u check how many visits u’ve had this past week on the stats chart, it also includes new posts

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