Movie(3D Glasses Charm)

the movie(3d glasses charm) is in Skytown

5 thoughts on “Movie(3D Glasses Charm)

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  2. Fudgy nt to bug you[I just have TOO many guestions]
    You told me how to take clar pics without a DW camera and it works but,
    WHen I post it on blogs it comes out really small and yours comes out REALLY big and more clear then how clear mine comes.
    Could u tell me? :mrgreen:
    I am VERY extremely sorry to bug you!

    fudgy~when i take my pics, i crop them afterwards on a photo program. this makes them appear larger. it could be that you are not cropping them so that they are resized. can you tell me exactly what you do so that i may help you, specifically?

  3. All I do is,
    take a pic
    save it
    paste it on paint
    crop it
    and save it.
    I could also crop it on foto flexer if paint is not right

    fudgy~i see the problem. when you “crop” it, all you do is take away the white parts. that doesn’t actually “crop” it. you have to use a photo program to crop it. using a program makes it so that when it is cropped, it is also resized and doesn’t appear small.
    or if you don’t have a program, use a free cropping site like

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