Hacked & Safety

For those of you who don’t know, frosty’s been hacked. Some loser who doesn’t have a life and gets jealous of another person who has a more popular blog than they do spends their time hacking kids accounts. It’s horrible really. They totally messed frosty’s blog up and put up her personal info.(Not telling where) Fortunately, their hacking has been reported and WordPress is looking at it and hopefully, will be returned it to frosty. This is just really sad. I started blogging cuz I saw frosty’s and loved the idea of it. Now that hers is gone…its sad. I hope she maybe continues? I just really hope all her personal info gets taken off that page. I mean, ANYONE can look at it. I feel just wrong knowing that’s what hackers can do to people.It’s really wrong what lolwutgoats does to bloggers.

I never really thought of hacking. I always thought it was something that was just talked about and people threatened  just to get attention…That’s obviously not always the case. I didn’t think it could actually happen…and to someone I know(somewhat).

So let’s all cross our fingers and hope for lolwutgoats to stop hacking other people’s blogs.

I don’t think lolwutgoats will be hacking my blog(who knows?) cuz it’s obviously not that popular and wouldn’t affect many people. But just in case, I changed EVERY SINGLE one of my passwords and I suggest you do the same. Seriously, all my passwords were, like, so easy to guess. I would put them up here(old ones), but hacker nerds might have some sort of cookie translator/tracker or something that is able to access all my accounts with old passwords.

Also, be careful about what to put on the internet. Don’t put your real name, age, city, not even state, and don’t put your e-mail address that you used to create your blog ANYWHERE. I suggest having a separate e-mail just for your blog that no one knows. Cuz if the hacker knows your e-mail and guesses your right pass, they can easily get into your wordpress account and change the password. Don’t trust anyone. Keep your passwords to yourself.

I’m sorry this post might be too long and kind of boring, but internet hacking and safety is important. So be careful out there.(Here, whatever).

Let’s hope the best for frosty and be careful. Also, don’t ask me where they put up frosty’s info. one, it would make u look like a stalker, two, it’s not right. It’s bad enough she got hacked it’s even worse that anyone can have access to her information.


42 thoughts on “Hacked & Safety


    bliss~That’s not lolwutgoats so I doubt my blog will actually be hacked.

  2. BTW: Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!!! 🙂

    bliss~Xie xie! (Bahaha I’m taking a Chinese course:P) I forgot how to say Happy Chinese New Year in Chinese…

  3. Ok, fine. I’ll say it in Chinese.

    Gong hay fat choy!

    Pronounced: Gung hay faht choy!

    Gong: Gung
    Hay: Hay or hey
    Fat: the “a” should sound like “ah”
    Choy: The “choy” in bok choy

    bliss~Thanks! Gong hay fat choy. Wo xihuan nage.

  4. I do when my mom makes me write in Chinese though.

    bliss~I sometimes have to use the 1/2/3/4s when turning in an assignment. Other times I just copy and paste a letter that already has an accent symbol.

  5. Hey, what happened to Dizzywood? I went on dizzywood.com and it just came up as secretbuilders.

    bliss~Dizzywood closed down last year. There’s a Dizzywood “part” at SecretBuilders, but that site is awful.

  6. Ohh. Why did they close down?!?!?!??!

    bliss~I think they weren’t making enough money – membership was 10 bucks a month.

  7. Oh. By the way, that was Cantonese Chinese. I was about to post up the Mandarin, but my computer lost connection and forgot all about it!

    bliss~I’m learning Mandarin Chinese. It isn’t too much of a difference, is it?

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