Easter Egg Hunt

No, I cannot log in still. But lucky me, my blog is a year old and Dizzywood has the same egg hunt this year! Well, it’s extremely similar. So here’s my post from last year.

first to get started u have to go to gilbert square east:


then go to tanglevine jungle and near the river is the first egg:


then in explorer’s camp:


then in canal city road:


then in garden gazebo:


lastly in crystal catacombs:


after that u get an egg that u can drop, like this:


after that, the mission Edward’s basket:

accept the mission and go to gilbert square west and talk to him:


after that he says they’re in: breakwater beach, wildwood glen,  gilbert square east, presto’s edge(even the chasm), and explorer’s camp:


then in wildwood glen:


then in explorer’s camp:


in Elof’s Game:

go to gilbert square east and talk to Elof you will have to do the previous missions first(Elnar and Edward’s) then you can play flight to win more eggs. Keep repeating for more eggs.

Here’s a pic of all my eggs(from last year, i haven’t gotten any this year):


notice i don’t have all 15 of them


Comment any thoughts!

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