I was just looking around Dizzywood blogs and found this:

Moderators: What they keep from us.

So, I was just hanging around Canal City Road, being normal, and guess who comments on my outfit?
A moderator.
I was surprised, I mean you barely see them. And I found out why. If they were in a full server, there would be people asking for things. They might just want some privacy. We just talked for a few minutes, then she had to go. I didn’t have time to take a picture, but I still found some. Then I saw what they could do- they can make REAL smiley, use !’s, and if you look at one of the pictures, next to her name, is a CHARM. This picture was taken during color war. When we didn’t HAVE charms. Look at these pictures-

Now, look at what Arien is saying. She can say Woohoo! And what can we say? Woohoo.

They’re keeping things from us. And look at her name. What do you see next to it? A CHARM. This photo was taken before we were even notified about them.


Dizzywood, I am very dissapointed. You keep things from us. You took away symbols that we used every day. You can use things BEFORE us. You took away zap.

Yes, zap. Before the whole Zap War, we used it almost every day. Just for fun. Then you must have thought, Oh, the kids on Dizzywood are zapping each other. They have too much freedom. Let’s take some things away! Good job Dizzywood, good job.

Now, I ask of you to post this on as many dw blogs as you can. Show everyone what the mods are doing.



Immediately, you are starting to agree  with this aren’t you? This is what I have to say about this.

The reason why moderators have the charms before we get them is because they’re testing them out. Making sure they’ll work and thinking about how they want them to work.

Moderators can make smileys and can use symbols because they won’t take advantage of them. They know that there are people that do. They abused of Dizzywood’s symbols. Using “!” to substitute certain letters in bad words. They used other symbols so that the words would pass through the filters. Yes, they know that most of us don’t do this, but they also know that some of us do.

Dizzywood is not keeping things from us and does not like taking away our “freedom”.

Dizzywood took away zap because they didn’t want to be spreading a bad influence saying it’s ok to fight. They don’t want us to grow up around the idea that it’s ok to have disagreements and settle them with “zapping”/fighting. They’re doing this so that we can grow up safely and be educated early. This may sound like we’re a bunch of kids who need adults to moderate us, but we kinda still are. You can’t say that we are totally grown up and won’t have disagreements and won’t want to settle them with the way that seems the easiest. This zapping/fighting thing is for our own good.

Moderators are not doing this because they just “feel like it”. They’re doing this because many of us abuse of the freedom they give us.
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