If i was an owl…

If i was an owl i’d look like this

i kinda do…jk 😛

BTW is this a big publish button or what? it wasn’t like this yesterday

Happy Earth Day!!  : )<Highlight this!! : )


5 thoughts on “If i was an owl…

  1. whats wrong with you
    this blog is
    so ridiculously stupid its unbelievable
    lousy owl?
    lousy blog i think

    ♥Owl~what’s wrong with me?-what’s wrong with you? you are in no position to be trash-talking my site. excuse me-do you have a better site? do you have any knowledge to everything/anything i do? no. that’s right. i work hard on this blog and your comments will not have any effect on me except to make it better. so…the next time you send comments with the purpose of bringing people down, don’t. cuz people know how hard they work and one hater isn’t gonna make them stop. you can have your opinions and keep them to yourself. “lousy” means “miserably poor” which is your self-esteem to be trash-talking another person just to make yourself feel better.

  2. Ok Spam-y u have to learn to be NICE! I say ur just jelous u don’t have an awesome blog like this! I mean I bet you don’t even have a BLOG!
    BTW nice as I call it “speech” Fudgy 😉

    To Fudgy:
    Today wuz like mah Convocation! and this year we did not get trophy’s coz if they fall they go flat and the nice ones are expensive! SENIORS GOT TO GET A TROPHY HMMF!
    On the bright side I got a Certificate and a prize![all of us got books!] Guess which book I got! The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale!
    have u seen The Brothers Grimm? Well-U should! It is WAWESOME!
    And this senior was doing a cool break Dance alone on stage!!! U SHOULD HAVE SEEN IT PERSON!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    ♥Owl~the brothers grimm fairy tale? isn’t that a really big book filled with a ton of stories that many were recreated and filmed by Disney/Walt Disney?
    oh, for my school’s talent show we had this one dude start break dancing with a student DJ. lol it is fun to watch. :]

  3. dear fudgy i mean owl [sorry]
    i think this is the coolest blog around 🙂
    dont listen to spam y [what kind of name is that]shes/hes jelous of u
    i have have a virtual game for you
    why not try ourworld.com
    im pipirosa on it please say what u think 🙂 thanks bye

    ♥Owl~thx! i actually do play(ed) ourworld. my account is fudgyswirl im lvl. 15 or something…i stopped playing it. i probably will continue to play it(ourworld) but i don’t think i will post about it cuz…i want to keep my blog age ranges like “general audience”(my blog’s a movie??).(ourworld is for…older…people)

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