What is this?!

What is this!? Fantage is encouraging kids to date!! I’m sorry, but I do not approve of this and am pretty sure Fantage has no idea what they’re doing. What are they thinking? People are asking “Wanna be my pd?” “Pd tryouts at my place”. They may not know this, but this is wrong. Kids shouldn’t be asking each other out. What kind of virtual world is this??

One thought on “What is this?!

  1. some kids are in that stage where they’re just starting to experience love. Fantage is just helping kids understand that. Especially kids who have older brothers and sisters who went to proms before 😆

    ♥Owl~how can they begin to “experience love” when they’re on a kids online game? ‘cuz you know, theres stalkers out there…
    the prom thing is ok i guess, i’m not against that. what i’m against is kids “dating” online.

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