Fantage is Crazy

Just to show you how rich I am, here’s a pic of my fantagian.

Also, here’s my secret. Snack Tac Toe having a spaz attack. Check out my score.

Check that out, I’m so good, I can get all my cookies on the board at once.  I won all 5 games. JK, fantage was having a spazz-attack-thing. It kept blinking “YOU WIN” AND “YOU LOSE” over and over until I logged out.

BTW, The first pic(how i’m soo rich) is real-I’m sorry to say. I weirdly gathered exactly 600 coins and spent them on a hair-piece.


2 thoughts on “Fantage is Crazy

  1. I wish I was a fantage member……. if anybody could give me a free membership fantage account I will apreciate….. thank you…

    bliss~if it were that easy to get a fantage account everyone would have one

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