HEY! I haven’t been on in a while but now I’m back. Yeah, I know, it’s summer vacation and there’s nothing to do like studying, or homework so I should have more free time and post more. WELL YOU’RE WRONG!! Kidding, I’m just lazy. I gots big newss. I’m gonna be going too……………..NIAGARA FALLS!! So I’m excited for that. Have you noticed? I’m acting all juvenile!! I’m giddy with joy!! Tee-hee. :mrgreen: I’ve only been in U.S.A. and Mexico all my life. So I’m gonna add Canada to the list. hmm…..letsee…what else to talk about? Oh, did you know that if you say “Hmmm…” you automatically look and feel smarter? Try it with me! “Hmm…”.
OK, that’s it! Thank you for reading! Oh, and good to have you back green. Despite the rumors I never believed you were actually “dead. So, just to clarify it once more GREENDAY ISN’T AND WAS NEVER DEAD. Dontcha just hate hackers? Bye!


New contest is up by the way.


2 thoughts on “Heyy!

  1. Sorry I noticed I really like your blogging! My mom wants me to start blogging on our RV trips. Fun… not. So did you go to the falls yet? I went to the Niagara Caves and they have no right to use Niagara in their name. I don’t even now how they connect. They were lames and cold. Hehe.. Anywas, two thumbs up on your site!! I’m going to be checking all of it out NOW!!! Hehe…

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