Fantage and Me

Lol, doesn’t that remind you of Marley and Me? OK, so anyways…here’s the story behind fantage and, well, me. Ok, it first started when I was 7…kidding. Ok, so I started playing dizzywood and i really like it, then my computer got a virus and my dad blamed it on dizzywood so i wasn’t allowed to go on there. I searched up “kids virtual world” and came up with fantage. I clicked on it, made my avatar, blablabla…and started playing. It was ok, but i still though dizzywood was better. So soon enough my computer got fixed and I was allowed to go back on dizzywood. Well, then i played, made a blog, and explored other DW cheat sites. Then, frosty quit DW and went to fantage. I thought, hey! i know that game. So i tried it again. Well, I had forgotten my fantage username and pass, so I created a new one called “unicornsrreal” i know, cheesy right? well i couldn’t think of a name and that one was easy to remember.  After  a while, I decided to make a new one, one I could actually go out in public with(lol). So I made “blissswirl”. Why “blissswirl”? Cuz then i had recently had a bliss chocolate and still like “swirl” from “fudgyswirl”(fudgyswirl was too “innapropriate” for fantage”. So then I played DW you know, then BOOM! Dw didn’t like me anymore and will still not function on my computer or any other one for me or my other avatar. So, then I made my blog into “♥Owl’s randomly blog”. Well, now it’s “♥bliss fantage cheats”. So there

The End


7 thoughts on “Fantage and Me

  1. No You’re dad is wrong, You should stand up for yourself, I mean cmon you’ve been having a life in Dizzywood i Dont know maybe you’ve been in it for like 2 years! Don’t just throw it away cause one of your family members forbidden you on going on Dizzywood, Let him view this comment:
    Hello I heard you’re Fudgyswirl’s Dad, I’ve been playing Dizzywood, For a year, I never got any damages or any viruses in my Computer.. Ever. Dizzywood is a kid site, Of course Adults created those sites for kids to have fun, I’d know that they won’t add viruses in the game or else the kid’s parents would email them about damaging they’re kid’s computers, And You cannot Download ”Dizzywood” Dizzywood is in the Internet, No need to download, Means It has no virus, Maybe you should check your daughter’s stuff in her computer, Take a look at her programs.
    Fudgy stand for yourself 😦

    fudgy~Uhh…You got it all wrong. I can use Dizzywood, the problem is that Dizzywood won’t let me on; everytime I try to log in it says “Dizzywood is not available right now. Please try logging in again later.”. The virus-thing was two years ago.

  2. dizzy wood is gone now thay canced it

    bliss~Lol yeah I’ve known since before they formally announced it. I had read it a few months before they actually announced it, so yes I was aware. Goodbye awesome rare-account.

  3. heyy blissswirl! im bella2422 (fantage name). we should be friends on fantage! well, just wanted to say hi! it would be awesome if u replied to me :)! i look up to u for advice.

    bliss~’Ello(: If you ever see me, sure! I rarely go on, though. Oh wow, cool. I’m an advisor. ^^

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