IDFone, Gems, and Pets

Ok, so there are New: Stickers, Fone Skins, Wallpapers, and Sticker Pages. You can get them at the IDFone Store Uptown. I think the Chess Sticker Set is pretty cool. BTW if you see me in Fantage, I’m mostly in the Pink Cow server, just ask me for a sticker cuz I gots lots of ’em and never use them. The Spotted Green Wallpaper is also pretty cool. If I was a member I would probably buy it. Also I like the multicolor madness skin.

Also, Gems are now for sale. You can buy them with e-coins(items purchased with e-coins will never expire: meaning unlike items bought with membership, you get to keep them FOREVER.) You can buy them in Wizard’s Domain(in front of the castle thing), Uptown, and Downtown. In my opinion, just play games to win the gems. It’s a waste of e-coins when you can get them for free by just playing a game for like a minute.

Also, pets are soon gonna be available in Fantage. You know, pets that follow you around everywhere floating next to you.(A little copy-cattish of Dizzywood, hmm?) JK. A ton of sites do that. Each day five pets will be going around Fantage. On the World  Map there’s this round flying cat that reminds me of Garfield. I think it’s his roundness.

P.S. I would have included some pics of the new stuff, but I can’t cuz I’m using a dif. computer that I don’t know as good as my other one so I can’t really figure out how to do some stuff, plus it’s reallly slow.


2 thoughts on “IDFone, Gems, and Pets

  1. I checked out your page because I wanted to know more about… nothing really. Ill try to look out for ya!! Bored as a brain!!

    bliss~I doubt brains are ever bored…they’re either thinking or dreaming:) well not really. You really only dream for like an hour and a half.

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