How to Get a Pet- Pet Town

Pet Town opened up today and here’s how to get a Pet.

First you have to go to “Pet Town”, it’s above “Downtown” and “User Homes”(big arrow pointing, can’t miss it).

Then, enter the Pet Shop.

Go to the top right and click “Shop”.

Open the catalog and click the haystack then buy an egg for 200 stars. (Barn is free)

Then go to your home(which has now been edited so its home/barn)

There will be a little barn to the side of your house. Click it. You’ll be inside your barn.

Click the light that will be in the middle of your barn or the heating thing to the right.

Select your egg and change the lighting and temp.(Just move the yellow bar up or down)


16 thoughts on “How to Get a Pet- Pet Town

  1. first you go to the pet town its forward on USERS HOME*(or u simply press map and go down on the bottom of the left corner and u press see more whitch is wretten in grey the press the second one whitch says ”pet shop”) then when they show u the screen u go to shop and press ”shop” and buy a barn(free) now use all ur 200 starz to buy an egg (if u were a member or have ecoins the u can buy the colored ones)then u go to ur home(barn)and press the light or the warmer then choose the level u want*(the hightest and lowest are only available for members or uSERS that have a level of 400 OR MORE)*

    ♥bliss~Yeah…that’s what I put.

    • Ok if coins are the problem then I suggest you play Jelly Fishin a couple of times. That game’s like a money machine. This might be the easiest thing, just host a fashion show twice. Each show is approximately 95 stars earned( as long as you pick the themes)

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