How to Add your Pet to your Home

My egg hatched and I got Jimbo! Here’s a pic.

Haha he’s adorable! If you talk to the flying cat and keep clicking the button your pet will have put itself into a place along with its family title.

Mine is from the Pebbles Family.

*Click on him and click “Add to Home”* This only works for members or with a magic code. From there you can play and feed your pet.

You’ll have gotten a badge(check your IDFone)


40 thoughts on “How to Add your Pet to your Home

  1. i have the jimbo one too and cant get it to come out side or in side the house sighhhhh im 12 sux that my mom wont let me get membershipos on anything i wud have to pay for them my selfs

  2. Actually, to earn eCoins, you can just click on the shining eCoin on the left hand corner under the MiniQuest button. They will make you watch an ad, and if you watch it all the way through you will get eCoins. (sometimes there aren’t ads though -__-)

  3. hi bliss. how come fantage isnt so fair?mems get the good stuff and nons get the bad ones

    bliss~Because Fantage needs membership to look enticing. Fantage needs money to stay alive. They get that money from paid membership. OF course they’re going to try to make the members look good so more people pay money.

  4. It doesn’t work anymore. I am not a mem but still. Do you have any cheats I could use to put Mumbo or whatever in my home? I want a pet to carry around with me too.

    bliss~you have to be a premium member

  5. And also Elizabeth and Imsmartt551 nons can get member stuff if they have ecoins and also I do agree that sometimes they give everything to mems or you have to have ecoins to buy stuff. But I wouldn’t exactly say that Fantage is unfair. I also do understand you both are expressing your opinions but so am I. =)

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