New Costumes & Furniture-Thursday 22nd

Lemme guess… the good stuff for the members?


2 thoughts on “New Costumes & Furniture-Thursday 22nd

  1. Obviously your jealous of members. Well cry about it and then suck it up. Haha, so sorry. 😦 Yup, we can get the “good” stuff and you go cry about it. Wow, this site is lame.
    bliss~ That’s not what Mzsinger thinks… 😉

  2. YOUR JEALOUS OF MEMBERS. Wow, lame and stupid. Go cry about it and then stop being such a baby. Haha. Yea we get all the good stuff because we pay for it!!! Duh. Your too poor to afford it.
    bliss~Ok, wow. I have never met someone with such low self-esteem to just go on about judging other people and trashing on about stuff just to make themselves feel superior. I can afford to buy
    membership, I just refuse to waste my money on something that isn’t
    even real. I’m not jealous of members, ok? And wow you are immature to
    be flaunting stuff in other peoples faces( kind of reminds me of a toddler showing off a new toy, hm?) Here let me give you some advice: think about what you are going to say or do and think about other people cuz you don’t know them and don’t worry you’ll mature at some point in life and you’ll be better off in life. (:

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