ANIMAL ABUSE!! What kind of messed up message is Fantage giving? A MESSED UP ONE!! THAT’S THE KIND!!

Fantage is encouraging crabs to be used as servants and carry people around!!! Here’s what s gonna happen:

Kid at the beach

Kid: Look mommy! I found a crab!

Mom: Sweetie, just leave him alone and don’t touch him. *Murmers* he could have rabies…

Kid:*Grabs crab throws him at the ground then jumps on him and says MUSH!*

Mom: NO!!! Leave him alone!!!

Kid: I think Mista Cwab died…

Mom: That’s ANIMAL ABUSE!! Where did u learn that?

Kid: On my computa


So Fantage ends up closing down because the Mom happened to be the Chairman of the Animal Rights thingy.



  1. hey, please dont write in yellow guys its too hard to read! btw, i agree totally! and the cow top what if some kid tries to wear a cow as a top! geez
    bliss~ok I’ll try not to use yellow anymore. Who do you mean by guys? Lol I’m the only one who posts… Lol I wrote this post cuz I was bored and didn’t know what to post :/
    if it was a cow top, wouldn’t it then be leather?

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