Hall of Fame/Memos

The Fantage Hall of Fame is now open it is Uptown wayy to the left.

the MVP’s and Rookies of the week are going to be chosen Sunday. So level up and earn as many coins as you can to be one! Also, if you click Game Rankings inside there it will say the High Scores of ALL Time for all the games. I’ve seen the Type Boo high score and…I shall WIN! So watch out typists. No pity shall be given… O.o

There are 4 levels.

I didn’t see my name in any of the levels  😦 but I will try to do the MVP/Rookie thing. :]

How to leave  Memo in someone’s home:

Go to a stranger’s house.


Go to the top right and click “Memo”

Type your message


When you click Rate this pops up


Comment any thoughts!

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