New Pages

Ok, so I’ve added some new pages like a walkthrough for the first 2 missions(the strange visitor and the mad scientist). One of the new pages is How to Become a Reporter. And if you need any more assistance just comment telling me what you need help on and I’ll make a new post or new page describing what to do. Or if it’s a simple question I’ll just Reply by comment.

UPDATE: Guess what? I’m now #2 on the Hall of Fame for Type Boo. But I won’t rest till I’m number one. And if any of you think otherwise…well two words: It’s on. >:) Btw, I’m just kidding with you I won’t take it that seriously lol. But I will try to have the highest score. No pity.

Also, the post above is now a “Sticky Post” which means that it will stay up there for a while. That’s why it looks like it’s highlighted in blue.

Comment any thoughts!

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