Superstar Medal

If you go to the Hall of Fame to the left corner there will be the “Real-time Rankings” button. From there you can see the Real-time Rankers. I don’t know what the difference is.

Also there is going to be a new medal(sheesh Fantage is getting a little carried away with the Hall and stuff). It’s called the Superstar Medal.

I don’t know I’m guessing it has to do with how you rank in ALL the Server?? If someone knows can you plz tell me? I’ll be your bestie. :]

P.S. I moved the xat chat box thingy to the Chat page.


3 thoughts on “Superstar Medal

  1. O.K. This means- If you are a member go to the Hall Of Fame, go to the top. If you are a member with a really high level, and are on an empty server, then you should have a glowing statue and earn a Superstar Medal

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