Fantage Japan

While I was making my Fantage History page I remembered that there was a Fantage in Japan so I searched it up and found it. Here’s how it looks.

Anime-ish. For some reason people want the URL to be a secret….

I would’ve made one but I always get stuck on the picture-thing. I can’t seem to guess the right numbers.

And also does anyone know why the URL is such a secret??? I might post it later on...

Fantage Japan is still in the beta stage so EVERYONE can buy member stuff.


I gots the huge anime eyes and my username is “rawrs”. like a monster. my computer is kinda slow now ‘cuz of all the japanese tabs and translator and japanese alphabet… so i’ll post more tomorrow.


53 thoughts on “Fantage Japan

  1. I am Asian and could help your read it, i used to know the url but i forgot it, sad.
    Yes I can speak Chinese my grandma and mom speak Chinese and Japanese and I also speak some Japanese.

    bliss~Fantage Japan closed down.

  2. how do i register? and im japan plz help my email is *Blocked* if u do add me on msn and if u mind and u know how to make one can u plz make one for me i really want one!!

    bliss~Fantage Japan doesn’t work anymore.

  3. PUHLEASE SOMEONE GIMME DA LINK!!!!!! I PLAYED USA FANTAGE SINCE I WAS 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLISS DONT MAKE ME FEEL BAD!!!!!!

    bliss~Sorry, it closed last year. Can’t go on it anymore.

  4. I hav news, it didnt close, my friend has the URL but wouldnt giv it to me. She even showed me it, it was SUPER aweosme, i went on just last weekend!


    bliss~No, but if you live in Australia/Africa, you can access normal Fantage.

  6. Um okay….. So uhhhh……
    I just wanted to do that lol!

    PS. If you go to Japan will you be able to access fantage Japan? Because if you can, I’m SO going to try to beg him to take me there! I probably will just get in trouble though TwT

    bliss~Lol no. It’s closed.

  7. It reopened but only too people who have japan computers like made their and stuff and my aunt is a flight attendent and got me one so now i have fantage japan account watch search it!!!! im so excited

  8. When Fantage Japan was open, I made an account, but it wasn’t really fun. A ton of work because:
    1. I’m not Japanese; I’m American…Lol. 2. I had to use Google translate for the majority of the time. Not the most fun ever…But still, the characters were cute.

  9. Fantage Japan is closed for EVERYONE. Including the Japanese. Nexon just wasn’t patient for more players. It turned out that in Fantage Japan, they didn’t have enough players. And Nexon closed it that because of that.

  10. I wonder how Fantage Japan Reborn shall be like. 🙂
    I am so sad about the original japanese Fantage closing, I love japanese.

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