New Pets(Wed.)New Clothes

The Jellies Coming soon!

I’m guessing they’ll look like Jell-O.

Also new stuff came out @ Wizard’s Domain. I wasn’t able to get anything… it says I have everything.

WHO WANTS TO WEAR TOILET PAPER?! Now you can! Looks like the Charmin Extra Soft don’t it?

Where’s the Peanut Butter and Toilet? They made Toilet Paper and Grape Jelly, but what about their matches?

Here is me wearing all the new stuff.

Not a big fan of the hair… I mean, no offense of course to the Fantage designers, but…you could’ve made us nons a better hairstyle… It looks a little bald they should have given it full bangs. Then it would be cooler. 😎

WAFER BOARD!! I love wafers. Have y’all ever tried waffernousse? It’s really good. I mean really REALLY good. Its a wafer with hazelnut and chocolate. Mmmm. You should try it.

Nice Army tank top. Thanks.

Moodies, too!

HEY! They took the : ( moodie off! See? Here it is.

Well, ironically, since they took the : ( moodie off, now I’m : (

Lol just kidding

Whoa my hair matches my pants!!


Comment any thoughts!

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