Contest! New Contest!

Helllooooo. :3 I am having a contest.  A new one since my riddle hasn’t really caught on. I’ll give y’all the answer. If you guys want to see the riddle before I tell you the answer just go to my “Contest” page. And if you just want to know the answer highlight this: The cops didn’t believe him because he said he wiped the frost off the window. That’s impossible because frost forms on the inside of the window, not outside.

Now the new contest is going to be a Re-pixel contest. Like the ones I have on my “Re-pixelations” page. The reward will be 3 rare stickers and 1000 coins.


  • Must be YOURS.
  • Be original(:
  • Post them on your blog OR e-mail it to
  • Must have at least TWO items of clothing that were re-colored.
  • Either the hair or a hair accessory HAS to be recolored.

If you have any questions ask. Also, I might add other rules cuz I just thought of these off the top of my head.

6 thoughts on “Contest! New Contest!

  1. how do u recolor ur fantagian? can i use paint? can u post that on comp help or post it?
    bliss~ yeah I use paint to do mine. It’s fine if you don’t know how I’ll just post it.

  2. thx and i figured it out i made 3 already btw the fantagian isnt mine i just took a screen pic of a scene and picked premiums i was the one who recolored them :3 how do i post it?
    bliss~go to my “comp. help” page and follow the instructions to “insert media”

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