We made it, partner!

Yesh, we made it. Last month I said how I had gotten a lot of hits and how my goal for August was 20,000 it seemed like a lot but I still made it my goal and YEE-HAW! We made it, partner! That’s about 5,000 hits in a month! THANK YOU!!

Shall I set a new goal for September? Hmmm… My goal is how about 25,000? I don’t really expect my monthly hits to go up by much so 25,000 by the end of September. And if we get higher than that… well great! Even better. Also, I’m  in a “western” phase right now. That explains some terms… I made a comic for the comet(lol) and a story. So I would appreciate some votes? Lol you don’t need to give me any rates I’m just doing this to gain some levels ;P



Comment any thoughts!

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