Hiya people of everywhere! Do you think I’m good at recolouring or not? Now I know how to save it AND email it safely. (Without it getting blurry)

Also, I’ve logged in ten days in a row! Now that I say it, it doesn’t feel like much.Yayz!Lots of stars!

Cupcakes, Hearts and a whole lot of happiness~ floss forever!

(I’ve heard that somewhere before.. whoever it was, A whole lot of credit to you!)

P.S- I just did this recolour today!


2 thoughts on “Recolouring

  1. Your recolor’s really good. How do you not get bored?:P I can’t recolor’s more than two three things cuz I run out of patience and get bored. So why’d you want to log in ten days in a row?

  2. I’m not really sure. If I log in ten days in a row then I’m nearer to getting 20 days in row. I just feel happy doing them.

    ♥bliss~Oh… well that makes sense! I’ve logged in like eight days? In a row. I really like this new Pet School cuz you gain levels just by “signing in”.:D

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