Lol I was being a bit over-dramatic with the title. WHY MUST SCHOOL START?! D: The summer just had to go by so quickly. School’s pretty ok, but the learning part thats gotta go. Im gonna be entering eighth grade…fun. Only one year left till high school. Not exactly, I’m gonna be learning some high school stuff cuz of honors… One day left of freedom. And I’m probably gonna be practicing my flute and bassoon cuz between me and the readers, I have not been practicing lol. I’ve pretty much forgotten everything and my reeds suck.I’ve had them for… nine months? xD You’re only supposed to have them for one to two months. Well, I’m bored. Fantage’s Back to School party will be up on Wednesday, one day(for me) after school’s already started. Also, I read the Wild Rumble post in the Comet and it says that you’ll need FIVE pets to “battle it out” nice message, fantage. Showing kids to fight. So the Wild Rumble will be for Premium Members and e-coins buyers-peoples. And if you want you can tell me what grade you’re going into or what you’ve done this past summer(once again WHY?!) lolz.

Also, when school starts I might not be posting as much. Idk depends on how much homework I get. But I don’t think its gonna be a problem cuz I’m pretty smart 😉 . So my posts will be a liiiittle late.



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