so hey ppl! im slushiebear (: well i just got added as an author! whoppeee (: i was TOTALLY not expecting it 😀 well some stuffs about me?

in real life, im an asian girl that likes burgers (: i have dark brown hair, and dark (like REALLY dark) brown eyes. (why would you need to kno that??) well more stuff about me “virtually”?

well on the computer, im slushiebear on everything i play (: except for pandanda, im flyinghippos (: (i play dizzywood,tinier me, and lotsa other stuffs, but i go on fantage the most. im NOT a member, and im proud of it! rofl 😀 and on youtube im slushiebear99 (cuz i made slushiebear, but i forgot the usernmae (: )

oh and you may be asking why i have this stupid username… well its cuz when i registered for fantage (i found it on a random add on facebook) i was drinking a icee, and i was at a friends house. well, she has a dog, and the dog’s name is bear. (go figure…) so i tried iceebear… but it was “inappropriate” so instead i put slushiebear…. so icee+dog named bear=slushiebear??

so yeah… tahts alittle about mee… thanks so much bliss for adding me! i added you (: oh and you can reach me at slushibearsfantagecheats@yahoo.com! see ya around plL~

picture? no problemo (:


Comment any thoughts!

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