o.o animalcrossingwi ;D

Ello there seniors and(did i spell that right? if not… dont think that I’m calling you someone thats 60 years and older…) senoritas. … Yeah. Saying the genders in mexican. Thats how i roll 😆 . My name. animalcrossingwi ;D . My level? … 582… Errrrr….. My dizzywood name? maplewood425. Hmmm…. O.o ……. I like dots. And waffles 😛 ! ;D hmm… about the waffle monsta online o.o
I play Fantage. And dizzywood. And ourworld. And Pandanda. And marapets (… joined 2 days after it was created …) So heres my history on my games…

Fantage: Joined 8-25-2008

Dizzywood: Joined June 22nd 2008

ouroworld: Joined January 2009

o.o … apparently i have to go so i will put more laters…



Comment any thoughts!

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