Funny Stickers

Ok, so I have like 5 new stickers from the Back to School party-thing. And now I’m bored. I don’t even wanna get new stuff for my other accounts -_- So I’m just gonna post some random stuff. Take that maple! xD

The Star’s getting run-over >:) Yes, I do have an evil side. Lol, I did the same thing to maple. The duck’s drinking some soda. HYPER DUCK ON THE LOOOOSE! Looks like the rocket and airplane are gonna collide. MAYDAY MAYDAY! Dino wants a donut o.O


P.S. I GOT THE MAGIC IN ME! Lol new song added to mah mixpod. Get-get-get-get with us. You know what we say! Party everyday p-p-p-party everyday!

OVER 25000 HITS!!:D Thank yous! That was my goal for the END of September, it’s not even halfway done!

austin and i are smart animals/cactus REALLY smart xD

big teddy>:)

14 thoughts on “Funny Stickers

  1. rotfl. xD o_o the starfish’s mouth is open.. like a “what the heck!!” mouth o.o
    bliss~you can see the fear in it’s eyes O.O

  2. man bliss is so cool swirl marshmellows gotta be crazy yum thru though idk lol im a fantage mem talk to me find me mostly in aqua unicorn server c ya wait my charcters name is bubblequeen100 so if u c her say hey hotchicpeacedreams and ill know ur o0ne of my viwers luv u bye air kisses!

  3. man in cant stop commenting ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lolz superior flangy foxeyyyyyyyy im foxeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hehe lol man im kinda ment to be a drama queen rilley so auper cool ikr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lolz idk y but im super crzy about fantage i rilly love dat foxeyyyyyyyyyyyyy web site make me smile like miley mileyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy smiley lolz im very interested in writing im a pro writer theese are instrumentxs i play the trumet piano violin and the rock guiatr cool ikr!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im not jk k? i love anything u can also imagine im more of FASHIONISTA idk y but im really into the fashion too

  4. im goin to mixpod .com bye my beautiful viewers!air kisses love and hugs plz recodnize me as ur looooooooooove im really foxy ! im only sixteen jk idk y i like fantage bye

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