About Maple Contd.

… here it is.. my continued part(dont put that part on the “authors” page… >.<)

As you can see by my typing i like using ” … ;D lalala me caramelldansen.. OWAIT.. what was i going to say… >.< .. i have a pet chicken and a parrot.. The parrot is FLUFFLY .. yesh yesh fluffleh.. 😀 and the chicken is well.. a chicken xP. I like the color orange (have i said it before…? i forget things alot o.o) and I’d would like to shout of to my dizzywood/fantage/sifaka(BETA)/pandanda friends o.o rockhopper4,purncess1,red_ninja, cool_kid_4,marshmallow70,michelle7745,fluffers,kuddlewuddle


Comment any thoughts!

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