Contest Winner

Here are the Final Results:

So thanks to everyone who entered and congrats to the winner!

The winner will once again receive 3 rare stickers and 1000 stars(optional) the stars are optional cuz some people feel uncomfortable giving their passwords. What I do to get the stars is get high scores on Type Boo(300 each game).

So we need to meet up at sometime so I can give you the rare stickers. And if you want the 1000 stars you’ll need to give me your account info through a meebo message, afterwards you can change the password.

I’m working on the Winners Page right now…

Congrats Austin! Winning Repixel:

and thanks to everyone who voted there were 214 votes in total! Wow! thats more than my “do you like chocolate” poll on my “about me” page thats been up since this blog was made.

A new contest will be put up in a while.



4 thoughts on “Contest Winner

  1. Bliss!!!! I saw this blog, that commented on mine(i just click the names.. habit i have o.e), and her blog copied ALMOST ALL OF YOU PAGES!! I dont want to give the cuz its advertising… so go to “the waffle club’s” latest comment..

Comment any thoughts!

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