Ancient Artifact II

yup its now out. i can’t do the number one cuz I can’t get past the ninjas in that one mini-game >.<

Lol so also the new arrivals are okay. I like the city board it look cool.

Oh and the glitch was fixed. You used to be able to when you got the sash hold it. Now you can wear it lol. I didn’t get to “hold” mine…:( lol.


I like my stickers upside down.

If you tip a shark upside down, you paralyze it. yes, that’s one of my many random facts :mrgreen: I paralyzed a shark. o.o

6 thoughts on “Ancient Artifact II

  1. if you’re still having trouble with the new mission then just solve the mini games with trial and error πŸ˜›

    bliss~its not the new one its the old one. all well. i don’t need to do it cuz i can start it without finishing the other one..

  2. Sorry I Posted that comment up there from my iPod lemme translate-
    Eh I can do it for u but err… I will need the PW ofcourse xD
    U can change it afterwards tho…
    Thats what I meant =D

    bliss~I’ll meebo you…

  3. can u plz post how to do the first mini game on the new mission ancient artifact thanx

    bliss~Yeah sure. Hold on.. I haven’t even started that mission.

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