okie so you know the ancient artifact two right? well i finally got the time to do the cheats (: so here we go!

first thing: you just click one of the signs in downtown to get there.

next, click on the thing to get to the mission.

first step: clcik begin and watch the hilarious video (:

step two: then you click the person in the flames and broken glasses (:

okie so now you actually start the mission.

step three: click all the things that make sense and to calm her down.

step four: it will automatically direct you to a video of you walking through the jail and blah blah blah… then you get to the pirate dude. just site back and listen to him.

step five: click the dude and answer all the questions with common sense. (:

the main thing to remember is:

step six: so you go there, but what i find stupid is that he shooots at the waterfall xDD

so the instructions are to fight the monkey dude by jumping on the pillow things…

just if you wanted to know, heres the right combo (:

ugh lifes so easy for you guys.

step seven: BUT! theres another stupid game!

if you were wondering, you just spell ninja xDD

step eight: BUT OH NO! after that, here comes the stupid dramatic music dude.

step nine: just listen to his stupid speech..

step ten: and hereee comes another stupid game. well this time the instructions are quite limited…

BAD GRAMMAR~ well all you do is cick on the monekys (:

and here comes the crazy woman with a hammer (:

ROFL (: well at the end you get your medal (:

ohh and at the end you can go back or find a sign like this:

and you have the choice of buying it.



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